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Metal Roofing Is the Real Roof Choice!

Replacing your roof revolves around several cost factor areas! The largest factor in the final roof cost is actually in the roofing material chosen for a new roof! HOWEVER, do not forget to consider the expected lifespan. One roof type may save money up front but in the long run by opting for a more expensive roof option can stop the cost from reoccurring making the savings short lived. Most homeowners are never fully educated by their Roofing Contractor as to why they shouldn't look any further than an asphalt roof! Why you might ask? Simple, because most roofers think homeowners ONLY think about cost, and not quality or the value of peace of mind a good roof can offer!  Why Are Roofers Afraid to Share?  Most are just more focused on turning another roof sale, and the one after that one when the roof fails eventually over time. Roofers do not what you to know a Stone Coated Metal Roof may involve a bit more upfront investment but will outlast an asphalt roof  by 30-50 years min

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